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"Virtual" Takoma Groove Camp is ON this Summer!!

One of the most interactive summer music camps for young musicians turns 15 this year and is going virtual!

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Note On Covid-19 Situation

As always, your camper's and our instructor's health and safety are our utmost concerns and top priorities. Because of this, we are keeping Takoma Groove Camp in an online format this summer, but with a lot of great new activities and ideas planned that we may not get to do during a normal session. We are keeping camp collaborative, creative and exciting for everyone involved!

One of the main reasons we decided to keep Takoma Groove Camp virtual this year, is the limit on campers allowed indoors per current DC regulations. We don't want to have to turn any campers away, so we've decided to remain online this summer so that anyone who wants to attend camp can do so.

It is possible as we get closer to the start of camp that we may decide to run a session in person or incorporate some activities together, but as of now, we will be running all camp sessions virtually this summer.

Why Takoma Groove Camp?

Join a Band, Write Songs & Learn to Record!

Takoma Groove Camp was started with the idea that young musicians need to jam! They need peer-to-peer musical experiences beyond private instruction, bedroom practicing and school bands. At Groove Camp, we give them the outlet and space to be imaginative, creative and uninhibited, along with the support and encouragement from seasoned professional musicians guiding and cheering them on.

How Can You Participate This Summer?

Anyone Can Join from Anywhere in the World!

This summer will be no different, even though we’ll be meeting “virtually”. Our online sessions this summer allow us an opportunity to bring our campers a whole range of new (and some well-loved regular) activities that will continue to be creative, exciting and educational! The instructors have shifted into high gear behind the scenes, utilizing all of our newly gained and prior virtual expertise to make sure the Takoma Groove Camp musical experience this summer is still just as incredible as you’ve come to expect from our regular sessions. This could be our best year of camp yet!

What Will We Be Doing?

Perform in a Virtual Concert with Your Peers!

We'll engage in some full-group activities that will include improv games, songwriting workshops, theory sessions and guests speakers. Our primary activity will still be splitting campers up into individual bands with a focus on collaborating to write original songs and lyrics and…we will be recording! Each band member will be video recording themselves playing or singing their parts of the songs. Our on-staff video production specialist and instructors will then seamlessly sync the videos so that each band will still be “performing” together for each session's end-of-the-week online concert.

When Will We Be Meeting?

The sessions will run Monday-Friday, with a Saturday evening online concert.

Each weekday’s tentative schedule will be as follows:

9am - 1130am: Online Session

1130am - 1pm: Lunch Break (we will likely keep the Zoom room open for any campers that would like to hang out during lunch)

1pm - 330pm: Online Session

*The Saturday evening online concert will start at 6pm

**All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

How's It Going To Work?

Focus on Originality, Creativity, Collaboration & Musicianship!

Our sessions will not be conducted in a "lecture format". We will spend most of our time creating and playing music! Campers will be writing chord progressions, melodies, lyrics and collaborating to put all of it together, under the always helpful and gentle guidance of our expert and experienced instructors. Even though we’ll be online, the campers won’t just be staring at a screen during sessions. They’ll be playing music!

Campers may need to spend some time on their own, outside of the dedicated camp session times to work on songwriting, practicing parts or recording their videos for the online concert, but we will do our best to have all of this occur during camp sessions.

Who Can Attend Groove Camp?

All Instruments and Skill Levels are Welcome and Encouraged!

General Age Range is usually between about 11-17, but we welcome younger and older campers, especially this time around. And you don't have to be local this year either! Campers can join us from anywhere in the world! Let all your musical friends and family know they can be a part of this year's Virtual Takoma Groove Camp! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Please Be In Touch!

For any questions about Takoma Groove Camp, please contact Camp Director, Brian Weber, who can be reached at: [email protected]

Have Fun Making Music Online This Summer!

All sessions and concerts will be held on Zoom and a strong internet connection is recommended. For the camp sessions, you'll need either a laptop with a webcam, a smartphone or a tablet. For the video recordings, any of these devices will also suffice. Instructions on how to join the Zoom meetings will be emailed to participants before the start of each session. To view basic tutorials on how Zoom works, click here. Please have Zoom installed and tested before the first day of your first session. Camp Director, Brian Weber, can also offer suggestions and guidance to maximize Wi-Fi bandwidth so your camper has the best possible experience this summer. Please feel free to reach out to discuss these options.

Our Promise To You

We have always been dedicated to providing safe, inclusive and amazingly fun educational experiences for all of our Groove Campers, as we have done for the last 16 years. We pledge to raise the bar this season in our effort to ensure that those who attend will enjoy and receive the same quality of instruction and fun that Takoma Groove Camp has come to be known for. The Online Saturday Concerts promise to be just as amazing and rewarding as our usual end-of-the-week concerts at camp.

We Appreciate You!

Thanks so very much for your continued support of Takoma Groove Camp over the last 16 years! We have such a wonderful, grass-roots community that has helped keep Takoma Groove Camp the best thing for young musicians to do during the summer. We hope you will be on board with how plans are moving forward this season. We're looking forward to a great summer of music making and fun!

See you at Virtual Takoma Groove Camp this summer!

2021 Camp Sessions & Dates:

Session 1: July 12-16 (w/ Show on Sat. 7/17)

Session 2: July 19-23 (w/ Show on Sat. 7/24)

Session 3: July 26-30 (w/ Show on Sat. 7/31)

Registration is now open! Come Join In The Groove!

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Don't delay! Register now for the grooviest music camp in the D.C. area!